SMOKD Eatery
Modern Creole Cuisine

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Cauliflower Popcorn

citrus yogurt ranch

AED 40
Brisket Croquette 4pcs

Manchego cheese and smoked tomatoes sauce

AED 55
SMOKD ‘tonnato’

thinly sliced smoked pastrami, hazelnut and fried capers

AED 78
RAW Salmon

thinly sliced, jalapeno mango salsa, lemon dressing

AED 68
Crispy Baby Squid

fresh sliced chili and romesco sauce

AED 62
Rock Shrimp

spicy mayonnaise

AED 62
Oven - Baked Bone Marrow 2pcs

burnt ends brisket tartar and mantou buns

AED 118